Event: Aurora Artwalk, June 8th 2012


Bring the Artist, Within You, Back to the Surface by Christopher Noe

Did you know that art could wake up a patient with Alzheimer’s disease?

It’s true.

Important people; like John Zeisel, the director of Hearthstone Alzheimer Care; point out that paintings, drawings and photographs are an excellent treatment to reduce the symptoms of this horrible illness. It’s sort of like a strong pill that you might take once a week to sharpen the memory.

A healthy dose of great art can actually stimulate the engaging and thoughtful memories that are still in the brain and pull them out, according to Francesca Rosenberg of the Museum of Modern Art.

This disease is a serious form of dementia that causes memory loss. Scientists are also discovering that most memories are stored as images and are not even destroyed by Alzheimer’s. So nothing’s wrong with being a visual learner, after all.

If none of this information is enough to convince you to attend the Aurora Artwalk this June and get inspired, then let me tell you more.

What is an Artwalk? Think of an art show. But this event is spread out and covers a lot of ground within just one block. Sights, sounds and emotional feelings all come together in an engaging and edgy fashion.

It’s an awesome way for creative folks to hang out, get connected and check out what the poets, musicians, photographers, sculptors and other artists are up to. It truly is an inspiration for all attending.

The community of the historic downtown Aurora wishes to see a flourishing and creative community evolve into something great towards the future. This really is an opportunity for everyone to see what possibilities are available out there and the performers can showcase the beauty of their work.

So remember to visit the city of Aurora on Friday June 8th from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm. While you’re down there, grab some coffee at a local café and take a stroll through the historic buildings full of astonishing art. Your senses will be to dazzled

Fellow friend, relative and co-worker, Christopher Noe, will be featured at the Aurora Artwalk showcasing his poetry, writing styles and his new book.
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