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Innocence Lost

Chi Town

A Life Inspired


Put a Nickel in the Jukebox and Take a Drive Down Route 66
714515So do you want to take a trip down memory lane? Well here’s your chance. You have to watch this really hip show at the Copley Theater. No squares allowed. It’s in downtown Aurora. This is a cool “jukebox spectacular” called, “Route 66,” It features a lot of slick songs from the 50’s and 60’s about being on the road. So open up your imagination, sit back, relax and let’s go for a ride. more

Inspired By A Real Life Hero

8043412Boy do I have a love of comic books and superheroes I have looked up to over the years. I’ve got a box full of my favorite comic books at home like Batman, Spiderman and Superman. So when a couple of nights ago, the usher at the Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre handed me a comic book and said, “Don’t open this until after the show.” Excited, I thought to myself, more

 Altar Boys With Machine Guns

5041306“We were both altar boys living in Long Island. After high school graduation, he turns to me and says, ‘I want to join the Marine Corps.’ I look over at him and reply, ‘Are you serious?’ He said ‘yea, I want to go into law enforcement.’ So that was his plan. I thought it seemed strange but I supported his decision. more

 Pacific Overtures

1305070Porchlight Music Theatre and artistic director, Walter Stearns should be very proud of their most recent production. I am talking about Pacific Overtures. This is an exotic musical story of the painful westernization of Japan, beginning in the 1850’s and leading up to present day. I was there for press opening more


Defenders of Vinyl
When I was a small boy growing up, my mom and dad played records all the time. But if I told this to some kid on the street, his response would be something like, “What the hell are those things?” So let me educate you. Dating back to 1877 when Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, this device reproduced and recorded the sounds of music like no other. more

Trouble Free Times

580233456When I was a kid, I delivered newspapers around my block.  It was a lot of fun. My walk man and I were best friends. I loved the tape mixes that I made and loaded in that little battery powered device that I would shove in my pocket, crank the volume on my headphones more

Finding Meaning in College Through Music

9983543_origNo bands mattered to me quite like the ones I heard in college. I’m currently looking back at my college years (with a damn sty in my left eye) and reminiscing, trying to figure out which band was the most important and influential. But I am also looking around me right now. I’ve listened to a lot of bands in college and since then, more

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