768030Christopher Noe was born in Saint Charles, IL on May 27, 1976 and grew up in North Aurora. To give you an idea of the type of man he is, when he was a child, Chris was determined to ride his bike without any training wheels. He fell on the concrete and crashed into bushes repeatedly. Despite tear-stained cheeks, dirt on his face, scrapes and bruises all over him, Christopher had a great big smile on his face. He had done it! The boy finally balanced himself on that bike all on his own. That’s sheer determination for you. This is the kind of person he has remained, resolved to do anything without giving up.

When he was in elementary school, young Chris Noe joined the Cub Scouts in the mid 1980’s that provided the basis for shaping his values and ideals. He followed through by entering the Boy Scouts where he gained beneficial knowledge. Virtues such as bravery, loyalty and helpfulness are what escalated him to the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. The concept of leadership was fully integrated in Christopher Noe.

Mr. Noe went to Marmion Military Academy, which is a college preparatory high school where he acquired valuable disciplinary skills. He wrote his first short story in 1992, entitled “Wake Up Joe!” which won the school’s short story contest that placed first out of the entire school. His winning story was displayed in the art museum that year.

Of course, he’s had a fair share of challenges and met resistance with peer pressure in school and beyond. For instance, he struggled with ADHD and took Ritalin for over fifteen years that had numerous side effects. The medication caused depression and caused him to be anti-social. However, once he graduated from high school in 1994, he took himself off the medication because he chose to make things better for himself.

After his years at Marmion, he attended Eastern Illinois University. His creativity began to take shape once he entered. Independence in a small town and months away from home awakened his writing muse. He would type on computers for hours late at night. Sometimes he would be in the basement of the library, writing away in his notebooks.

Chris continued to be tested by his ADHD. He fought hard to pay close attention to details and to listen when spoken to directly. Chris had difficulty organizing tasks and was often distracted. He would forget to do the simplest of daily activities. Life may have led him astray at times, but Chris always found his way back on the road to success. Proof of that was in 1997 at Waubonsee Community College where he received his Associates degree in Sociology.

As the years passed, Mr. Noe took a few writing classes. He participated in open mikes in which he read his poetry out loud. Having a full time job, he found time on the side to continue to write.

Several events occurred in Chris’s life that continued to inspire and challenge his creativity. The splitting of his parents greatly upset him but he kept writing in the journal. The writing muse remained strong with Chris even when his grandfather passed away. One of his most trying times in his life was when his mother became gravely ill in 2004 with meningitis. Regardless of the sorrow and worry of these early trials, he kept on writing. He remained brave as words kept pouring from him.

He has experienced fear, pain and suffering. Numerous joys, love and excitement have surrounded Christopher’s existence. In 2007, he met the love of his life. Denielle helps him tap into his creativity. She motivates Chris, and he appreciates art and the excitement of life more than ever since meeting her. They married in October of 2010 but not without a profound hurdle to overcome.

Christopher Noe suffered from seizures caused by a vascular malformation in his brain that had to be surgically removed. Although he was diagnosed with epilepsy, he made it through the surgery with flying colors and amazingly shows no signs of difficulty other than taking seizure medication and a small scar.

Nowadays, Christopher Noe is a freelance writer for a Chicago Suburban Newspaper contributing reviews, critiques and interviews. By the end of 2011 something wonderful happened to Mr. Noe. He published his first book, Wait For The Night To Smile, which is a collection of poetry from over the years.

Chris has always had a passion for writing and listening to rock music. He enjoys taking road trips, writing about them and putting together scrapbooks of his adventures. He especially enjoys cruising on route 66 or any kind of road trip. In fact, his next project will be devoted entirely to road stories and poetry. Chris currently lives in Naperville, Illinois with his lovely wife, Denielle.