Poetry: Innocence Lost


Innocence Lost

So the rest of my life awaits me
i’m just another curious creature with ideas
i wish I was a boy again young and free

A long time ago
it seems that I was only a child full of surprises
dreaming up imaginary adventures in the dark

I would take a walk and listen
to the crickets chirp

Pale crescent shape of God in the sky
would send down its radiance
upon my innocence

The smell of burning leaves in autumn
off in the distance

Where did time go at the riverbank?

We skipped stones under a bridge
while exploring the depths of our minds
having fun

Watching the trees change color
under streetlights

Looking up into blackness
with its glowing tiny fragments
shimmering in my eyes
disappearing every night and day
escaping into journeys
going to places without problems
or worries
simply living life

Originally published in Wait for the Night to Smile
Copyright 2011 Christopher Noe. All rights reserved.