Poetry: A Life Inspired


Life Inspired

Where do my words belong?
colorful imagination surprises me and I feel the light of matter now
listen and you will hear it
broken and silent, the awakening of my spirit

Shakes the fences and thieves of time
before and after reality guides the will and desires
in the most promising direction that cuts through confusing obstacles
surrounded by thorns and crashing thunderstorms
which cannot take away my determination
to find a way for happiness

To hold on to my strong focus on pure acceptance

That this life I live is wonderful,
full of breathtaking shadows which capture plenty of sparkling beauty
bending forwards and backwards

This comforts me
echoing guitars, fast tempos

Amazing beats keep me going

Pumping my heart, I breathe the liveliness in

By taking the music created by brilliant people
absorbing it into my ears

It travels through me

Creating wonderful appreciation
for overwhelming art and baffling poetry
which truly is my purpose in life

Bells ring and I sing by shouting to the top of my lungs


This music; these sounds radiate all around me
through me, piercing my every desire
to run through fire
moving mountains
they part like the red sea because I am me

Originally published in Wait for the Night to Smile
Copyright 2011 Christopher Noe. All rights reserved.